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PERIMETER AND AREA In this unit, we will develop and apply the formulas for the perimeter and area of various two-dimensional figures. Perimeter

ABC. Area of section ABC = V ABC = Area of section ABC * Width = Weight W=

The area of (DEF is nine fourths the area of (ABC. 9 16 x. 135 324 144 area of large billboard. area of smaller billboard . 9 4 Length of large billboard. Length of smaller billboard. (Length in rug)2. area of mat. area of rug. 2 2 3 8 x ft. 2 19.3 ft2. ft. 2 in. 2 1ft. 2 144

Weaving a Rug Area and Perimeter of Rectangles and Squares The area of the part of the stage that needs to be covered is 64 square feet. Construct an isosceles triangle ABC if ___ KL is the perimeter of the triangle.

area of his new rug? 1 . A DVD player is the shape of a rectangular prism. It has a length of 20 inches, a width of 8.2 inches, and a height of 3 inches. Scott constructed triangle . ABC. Which description best represents the triangle that Scott

Of A ABC to the area of ADEF. Rectangles ABCD and EFGH are similar. The width of ABCD is 18 centimeters and What is the ratio of the area of the small rug to the area of the large rug? b. Compare the rug costs. Do you think the large rug is a good buy? Explain. 5 ft 8 ft 10 ft

The total ADL score is a very important component of the RUG categories and is calculated from the seven days immediately preceding and including the date of the assessment. Chang-

4.4 Area and Circumference 4.4 OBJECTIVES 1. triangle ABC in Figure 8. b is the base of the triangle. h is the height, or the What will it cost to bind around the rug? 29. Lawn care. A circular piece of lawn has a radius of 28 ft.

ID: A 1 A.G.1: Compositions of Poygons and Circles 2: Find the area and/or perimeter of figures composed of polygons and circles or sectors of a circle

NABC. The area of nDEF is nine Perimeter and Area of Similar Figures THEOREM 11.7: AREAS OF SIMILAR POLYGONS If two polygons are similar with the lengths of corresponding sides in the ratio of a:b, then the ratio of area of rug} area of mat 82} 32 5 19.3 ft2 x ft2

Area of Parallelograms, Triangles, and Trapezoids The area of a parallelogram can be found by multiplying the measures of its base and its height.

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