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By | November 14, 2015



The Problem of Animal Urine on Oriental Rugs and Other Carpeting Aside from creating an unhealthy indoor environment, contamination in carpet and area rug fibers from pet

The Top 8 Area Rug & Home Carpet Cleaning Tips & Tricks Despite your best efforts at cleanliness, your carpet will eventually become the victim

Best Display Systems: Offering a Full Line of Display Systems and Accessories 3 4 x 6 Area Rug Display Systems cont. 4×6 103-B Series Floor-to-Ceiling Mounted Display for Non-Load Bearing Walls

Why Wood Flooring Changes Color Q: Why is the wood flooring under an area rug a different color from the rest of the floor? A: This is a very common question asked in the hardwood flooring industry,largely

Cleaning Wool Carpet, Oriental Rugs & Area Rugs WOOL HISTORY Wool is one of the oldest fibers used by man, with uses dating back over four thousand years.

Empire Today® Carpet and Area Rug Product Care Thank you for choosing Empire® for your carpet and area rug needs. We know that installing

SAMPLE Property Checklist OK COMPLETE Common Areas Parking Lot and Area: Signage illuminated & condition Parking lot lights (correct time to turn on , working)

AREA RUG CARE For best results using Capture® Carpet & Rug Dry Cleaner, address any spill immediately. For Liquid Accidents: 1. Start with a clean, white folded towel and apply directly to the soiled area absorbing as much of

If a Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb (CFL) accidentally breaks in the home, stay calm. It is not an emergency. applicable to carpet/area rug clean-up] 5. Use sticky tape to pat the remaining debris. Try to pick up as much glass and powder as you can.

Safely clean up a broken CFL. It is not necessary to hire a professio the cleanup. bout ury t the house in an area inaccessible to children until you are able to dispose of it at a household If rug is removable, take it outside, shake, and air out as long as practical.

An area rug may be the answer. In addition prevents a dark rug color from bleeding through on a light carpet. A pad made from slightly heavier polyester • Pile — The surface yarn that makes up the face of the rug.

What to Do if a Fluorescent Light Bulb Breaks o Do not use a vacuum or broom to clean up the broken bulb on hard surfaces. v 01/02 o If the rug is an area rug and can be removed from the room, do so and allow rug to air outside

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