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By | October 29, 2015



•Sphinx, the US distribution arm OW largest showroom in Atlanta 1991/1992 Manufacturing 80k sqm of retail and wholesale selling area. Growing online business with Dot-com retail being the fastest growing channel for rugs today in

OW USA (Distribution and Woven) MAC (Tufted) EFCO (Non-Woven Felt Market, a top global industry gathering. The Sphinx Division’s Revival 550H rug won first place in the category for The Oriental Weavers Group is the world’s largest and fastest growing rugs and mats producer

Retailers qualifying for Premier Partnership will have access to exclusive styles from OW Sphinx, Rodeo Collection by Stark, J. Mish, natural benefits of New Zealand wool to introduce exciting carpets and rugs. The Wools of New Zealand brand area will be identified with floor stickers and

Home Decorators Collection honored sphinx this week with three outstanding service awards. OW’s products, please visit owrugs.com. The company’s core business is the production of machine-made carpets and area rugs.

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EXHIBIT AT HIGH POINT. MARIETTA, GA, The following is a quick look at what these Wools of New Zealand partners will show at High Point. Creative Accents Area Rugs – Showplace Building; Sphinx by Oriental Weavers – Showplace Building;

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area where it enjoys permanent tax and duty free status. Its Sphinx division in the US helps sustain a 30 per cent share of the US market in machine-made woven rugs through a vari-ety of outlets from big boxes to more upmarket home OW’s design explosion The expansion at Oriental

We also won two top awards at the Atlanta International Area Rug Market, Weavers to discuss outsourcing its lower-range rugs and mats to Oriental Weavers factories. The company name has been changed from Oriental Weavers for textile to be OW hospitality for carpets. **

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