The Area Of A Rug Is 66 Square Feet

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INTERIOR DESIGN A particular area rug is shaped like a parallelogram. Estimate the area of the floor it will cover. The area rug is a parallelogram, 66 square feet. Use Area to Solve a Problem . Find the area of the shaded figure. 12 yards 9 yards

What is the area of a square lawn 22 feet on each side? _____ square feet Geometry : Area. 48 3 This is the formula for computing the area of a triangle: 3 Practice • • • • • • Computing the Areas of Triangles 6 Ingrid is purchasing a rectangular rug that measures 6 ft. by 8

Math Section 2 The following is the is 8 feet, what is the area of the rug in square feet? (A) 16 (B) 48 (C) 66 (D) 80 (E) 96 ANSWERS ANDintegerEXPLANATIONS is 8 feet, what is the area of the rug in square feet? (A) 16 (B) 48 (C) 66 (D) 80 (E) 96 ANSWERS AND EXPLANATIONS

SECTION 2 Time — 25 minutes 20 Questions Turn to Section 2 (page 4) If the length of the rug is 8 feet, what is the area of the rug in square feet? (A) 16 (B) 48 (C) 66 (D) 80 (E) 96 3. If r 2 and t t 3, what is the value of 2r?

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Having retired to the area, Bruce now assists in the sale-room and acts as 10 A pair of late 20th century decorative square plant stands printed with flower sprays, 44.5cm high, 46cm wide 14 An oval Chinese rug with green field 34 Estimate £20 -30 14A A Victorian button back

Increased by 3, the new area will be 33 square feet larger. The length of a rectangular lot is 4 rods greater than its width, and its area is 60 square rods. Find the dimensions of the lot. 6) The length of a rectangle is 15 ft greater than its width.

Name: Date: Practice 1 Area of a Rectangle Find the area of each figure. C h a p t e r 1. 1 m 1 m B a The area is square feet. Find the perimeter and area of each rectangle or square. 5. by the rug is 6 square yards. 5 m 3 m

One can of sealant covers 400 square feet. Find the area of the deck. feet. Find the area of this zone for a tree with 5.66 m 4 m 5 in. 12 cm 16 cm 18 in. 14 in. 10 in. NEW YORK Test Practice

Catarina and José want to buy a rug for a room that is 15 feet by 20 feet. How wide a strip will they have if they buy a rug with an area of 234 square feet? 66. They have enough material for 296 square feet. How wide can the strip be? 67. Dimensions of a GardenArif’s backyard is 20

Dollars per share, decreased in value to 66 3__ 8 dollars per share. The area of a rectangular ceiling is 130.5 square feet, and one measure of the ceiling is 14.5 feet. area rug that measures 6.5 feet by 9 feet.

18 square feet B) 24 square feet C) 36 square feet D) which is closest to the area of the rug? A) 38 sq ft B) 75 sq ft C) 113 sq ft D) each square unit represents 1 square centimeter. What is the area of the figure represented by the drawing? A) 15 cm2 B) 20 cm2 C)

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