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NYS COMMON CORE MATHEMATICS CURRICULUM Lesson 1 Problem Set 4 Name Date 1. Determine the perimeter and area of rectangles A and B. A = _____ P = _____ A = _____ P The area of Nathan’s bedroom rug is 15 square feet.

Fax Number (in HIPAA compliant area): NPI Number (individual): P RESCRIPTION D RUG P RIOR A UTHORIZ A TION R EQUEST F ORM Instructions: Please fill out all applicable sections on both pages completely and legibly. Attach any additional documentation that is important for the review,

Number of c.f.u. per patch and c.f.u./m2 of carpet area for each sample. 2.8 Air sampling The airborne concentrations of culturable and total P. chrysogenum spores were measured immediately before and after each walking or cleaning activity.

S T U M P T O W N R D M C C O R D R D AMBRIG T EEXT A S B U R Y C H A P E L M T H O R O U G F A T ho rug fa es Ex ist ng D efin d U n defi BFR Plan NC73 Plan I485 M t nIsl ad L k ePr oc i Neighborhood Plan Ri chHa te d Co munity M:PLANNINGSmall Area PlansArea Plan Boundaries Map.mxd E

On O bject D rug C om m ents A lprazolam (X anax) C YP 3A 4 ! A U C 40% O ther benzodiazepines (eg, m idazolam , triazolam ) m ay be sim ilarly affected. A U C = area under the curve; C S A = cyclosporine A ; EM = extensive m etabolizer;

U.M.B.C. Building Date Reviewer John M. Moran AREA TYPE REVIEWED SECTION I Ceiling and Lighting Systems Components Maximum Acceptable Actual Area Rug Carpeting Entry Foyer Pit SECTION IV Furniture and Fixture Systems Bookcase/Shelving Computer Monitors Desk/Workstations File Units

Redefining Carpet Cleaning Rug Doctor was founded by a professional carpet cleaner in 1972 with the first machines having clean the area with your Rug Doctor machine making sure to avoid overwetting the carpet. Rug Doctor Hi-Traffic Pre-Treatment i m p roves carpet cleaning

Sample 6410SD5E G1509 1 . 1. Plan Introduction . 1.1. Welcome to Your Guardsman® Area Rug ("Rug") Protection Plan, which helps You enjoy Your Rug without fear.

DRUG ESSAGEUSE IN CALVERT COUNTY: OVERVIEW NOTEWORTHY FINDINGS: awarded by the U.S. Department of Justice through the Go vernor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention to the University of Maryland, area, and the policing.” (17-year-old) “People use drugs be-

CARPET/RUG CLEANING It is up to you, the childcare 1. Apply mild soapy solutions to the area with a clean cloth or paper towel. 2. Blot excess with clean cloth or paper towel. 3. Remove most of soapy B U R E A U O F E N V I R O N M E N T A L R E G U L A T I O N & L I C E N S

U M N E R LIMON TE L IMON TE C E D A R C C R E E K A R H I B A L D 65TH 65TH H A M N E R JURU PA W I N E V I L L E W I N E V I L L E M N E R §¨¦15 Area B Trunk Sewer in Archibald Ave. and Bellegrave Ave., Road Closure LEGEND P l ea sb idy th con rug; pf m w k j . Created Date:

GEOMETRY AND MEASUREMENT CLAST MATHEMATICS COMPETENCIES IB1: Round measurements to the nearest given unit of the measuring device used IB2a: Calculate distances 500 m 400 m 600 11. What is the area in square centimeters of the triangle shown? 12.

14. fringe for the edges of a rug 15. paint for a ceiling Find its area. 31. 32. 12 m 8 m 8 m 4 m 12 m 36 m 2 ft 6 ft 12 ft 6 ft State Test Practice CLASSZONE.COM INTERNET Lesson 2.2 Perimeter and Area 65. Title: i Author: Mike Created Date:

1 2d1 2 2i11 3 2c5 4 5i4 5 2e4 6 4l8 7 7n4 8 5l3 9 7t11 10 2j6 11 5j11 s6624-mw76 rug size: 108"(l) x 72"(w) area shown: 120”(l) x 84”(w) sample inside y d o s p a h r

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