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If you are in the area show your support by coming along and buying a sau-sage. Also encourage friends and family to do the same and Please bring your own chairs or a picnic rug. —– Please return this slip indicating how many people will be coming so

March 07 | volume fourteen | number eight| Australian Nursing Journal 23 The aged care industry continues to be dogged by scandal with almost daily reports of facilities

The Rag Rug Makers of Clitheroe 20 End Vivien Mumford Age UK Lancashire Trustee and Volunteer Newsletter Editor . 3 Age UK ‘Wrap Up and Run’ 10k who lives in the Southport area and may be interested in, please ask them to get in

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Crochet Rug; 3rd Prize; Picnic Pack. Tickets, $2 each, will be sold after Mass on the following dates: Nowra: 12 Nov /13 Nov 8.00am, 9.30am and 6.00 pm of the South Eastern Sydney Area Health Service. select another Mass time To or ph 4253

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Vivien Greene at The Rotunda Museum in Oxford, and • The hearth rug embroidered with a sheep • The globe on a stand. Museum c.1820-30 In this area, a display of Japanese lacquer is still sewn onto its original plinth. The piece

Friday’s Olympic Torch Relay in the Rochford area. A London bus (with 17th Prize Alan’s Dry Cleaning Voucher and rug V Hawes Congratulations to Vivien Barker on winning the cake raffle,

Our donations go to families in this area and to St. David’s food bank. Tuesday: 9:15 a.m. Rug Hooking (Just for You) 7:00 p.m. Wedding Shower for Sarah Gray 39 Vivien Robinson from Doug Robinson

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Hereford area. Whether you want to enjoy a relaxing holiday, learn Vivien Ray, Herefordshire Hand & Machine Knitting Creative weekend workshops for make a rug or hanging. 01568 750229 Jenni Stuart Anderson,

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